Send and receive any type and size of file for free

zeZebra is a tool, which provides an extremely simple large file transfer solution. zeZebra provides total availability – enabling transfer of any file type at any size to anyone. There is no single solution which is as cool, simple and free as zeZebra. We have put together the best minds in the industry to come up with a cool product that actually works. For the first time, zeZebra is all in one. For us, size doesn't matter. You can send whatever you want – and we'll deliver.

It is very easy to use, it is as fast as your bandwidth allows and it goes directly from the ssender to the receiver, hence it is completely private. Also, unlike the competition it is completely free, and has no files size limitations, or number of sends limitation.

It is meant for all internet users. Everyone, even the less sophisticated users can easily use it and successfully send and receive any files.



zeZebra Beta